Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar

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Mark, J. J. (2018, June 26). Julius Caesar. Retrieved June 26, 2018, from https://www.ancient.eu/Julius_Caesar/ During his youthful year, Julius Caesar became more popular after becoming a priest. He grew more popular due to their family status, and he portrayed a high level of thinking. He had powerful ideas that made him become high priest within a short time in his youth years. After Sulla declared himself a dictator, he wanted to eliminate high profile individuals including Julius Caesar. He was stripped of his position as a high priest and fled to safety after losing all his possession; presenting a tragic history of young Caesar who was a hero high priest fighting for his people.
Caesar joined the military and became a more effective soldier during the Gallic war. He was awarded a civic crown after playing hero and saving lives of other soldiers while on the battle hence earning the Bithynia position with a fleet of ships as a privilege. During his heroic years as a soldier, he had Sulla had died raising his determination to return to Rome. During this time, he was kidnapped and used to seek ransom by the pirates. Caesar had another episode of tragic history after being a hero soldier and being promoted to Bithynia.
After returning to Rome, Caesar managed to secure his former position as a high priest. His ambition further made him further campaign for people more gaining popularity and becomi…

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