Judaism in the beginning

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Judaism in the beginning

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Judaism from a Bible Perspective[Client]
Judaism, like any other religion, refers to a set of beliefs about God and all the beliefs surrounding the idea of the existence of a god with a series of characteristics defined by a given culture. Consequently, Judaism comes into existence as the religion of a tribe in the Levant who believed in one unique God that is concerned with humans and their actions. For that reason, Judaism can be seen as an ethical monotheism. (Neusner 2002). To explain this concept, it is important to understand that Jewish practices center in the teachings of the Torah, popularly dubbed as the “Jewish Bible,” and its commandments. The Torah covers the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, although they have different names in Hebrew. Hence, to understand the ancient Judaism, it is important to understand it through the book that encompasses its code of conduct, the Torah.
During the Exodus from Egypt to the lands of Canaan, God spoke through Moses a handful of times and commanded him to carve in a stone the commandments by which he wanted his people to live by. Therefore, from a Bible perspective, being a Jew would mean not only being born from a Jewish mother but also ascribing and following the thirteen commandments found in Exodus and Leviticus. Nevertheless, these commandments are not only of religious significance as the Jewish laws also cover ethical commandments meant to help the Israelites l…

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