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Judaism Essay

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Judaism Essay
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Judaism and Christianity
Christianity and Judaism share a similar history as well as the teachings. The two religions have different rituals and beliefs. It is usual for the two religions to have misunderstandings on each other. However, learning each religion can help curb the differences between the two religions.
Christianity is understood as a religion while Judaism is more of the religious beliefs. Christians practice the Christian faith, but the Jewish have a secure connection to the Israelites. However, the Judaism religion does not exercise the rituals of the Jewish. The misinterpretation of life and death creates a misunderstanding on the Judaism and Christianity religions (Lasker, 2015). Christians believe the Christ is the Messiah who died for their sins and he resurrected as spoken in Hebrew. The Christians think that Christ is God’s son who represents the truth.
The Jewish don’t believe that Christ is the Messiah because He did not contribute in freeing the Jews from Roman’s oppression.
The study of Judaism can help overcome the misunderstandings between Christianity and Judaism. Christians and Jewish should curtail their differences and focus on the common goal of living a righteous life (Lasker, 2015). The study of Judaism will help the Christians in understanding the Judaism purpose of obeying God with respect and love.
Various Christian communities lack adequate understanding regarding what …

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