Journey into self-awareness

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Journey into self-awareness

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Journey into Self-Awareness
“Self-awareness is knowing your motivations, preferences, and personality and understanding how these factors influence your judgment, decisions, and interactions with other people.” (Janasz et al. 5).” This translates to the ability to be realistic about our strengths and weaknesses and the situations that surround us. It is through this awareness that we can respect other people’s opinions and identify the areas where credibility is required.
From the example in Chapter 1, Marjorie is able to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of her team when it gets to the decision making part of the project. This prompts her to be more aware of herself, trying to figure what her role is in the stalling of the project. While she was only noticing the shortcomings of her colleagues, the situation put her in a place where she was able to evaluate her position and role in the company clearly.
For our self-awareness to be efficient and effective, there need to be four ideas used in this reflection. The use of personality tests will enable one identify their personality traits, which mainly influence factors such as perception and other behavior (Skyers 19). It is also helpful to take note of one’s expectations and reality, to create the reflective activity, feedback analysis. This gives an individual the ability to unravel and work on their strengths and weaknesses.
Finally, it is crucial to have feedback …

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