Journal Wk9: Role of the School in Meeting Needs 216

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Journal Wk9: Role of the School in Meeting Needs 216

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How the School, Teacher, and Classroom can meet the Varying Needs of Students
The greatest challenge of education over time has been attending to the specific educational needs of each student since they come with different abilities, personalities, and attitudes. The achievement of success that pertains to this challenge lies not only in the hands of the teachers but also in the hands of the parents and the community. This paper points out some of the strategies materialistic in curbing these challenges in the context of the school environment.
The school makes the first point from which the different needs of students should be addressed. The principal tenet to consider here is the school curriculum which should be planned to meet the learning needs of students with different abilities. The next major area that a school should find is the provision of quality instruction, which calls for appropriately trained teachers who have mastered how to deliver content (Holli 162). The school should, therefore, arrange for improved training for its teachers whereby they will learn the newly found instruction delivery techniques. It is also upon the school to design the appropriate forms of assessment which will assess as diverse ways of learning as possible.
The classroom makes the central point of looking into the varying needs of students for better academic achievement. It is, therefore, essential to provide a classroom environment that is co…

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