Journal: Types of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Models

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Journal: Types of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Models

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Types of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Models
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Types of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Models
As the Health Information Manager for the Manchester Health Access Network (MHAN), I would choose the hybrid model that combines the centralized and decentralized health information exchange (HIE) models. The model would meet MHAN’s requirements since the network requires a model that ensures efficient interoperability, improves coordination, quality, and efficiency of cases besides staying within the budget. The model includes a centralized clinical data warehouse (CDW) that interfaces with data from the local remote data warehouses. The remote data warehouses would then relay clinical information to the central data warehouse. All systems would use a unique and similar patient identifier. The representatives of all member hospitals would be able to access clinical information on the patient directly from the central database thus ensuring access to patient information within the shortest time possible. The centralized clinical data warehouse would prevent the duplication of patient records, as it would have been the case with the decentralized CDW.
The model would use the query-based type of exchange to meet its primary objective of enabling healthcare providers to search and discover the patient’s clinical information based on demand from the central database. Even though the system would allow healthcare providers to o…

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