Journal Entry 4: Organizing and Drafting

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Journal Entry 4: Organizing and Drafting

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Thesis: Social media networks have transformed human life socially and economically by giving everyone the opportunity to express their feelings and ideas online.
The emergence of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat has influenced human lives significantly and the trend of using these platforms continues to grow day by day.
Socially, the social media serves as a platform that connects people from diverse societies through sharing of recreational ideas, pictures, and videos. For instance, Snapchat, Youtube, and Instagram are commonly used to share videos and photographs while facebook and twitter are most frequently used to share ideas.

Economically, business people use the social media to promote their brands as well as trade their products and services online. Wilson (124) suggests that the social media empower organization and customer to connect seamlessly. Wilson further notes that the social media platforms are good sources of entrepreneurial ideas. Thus, the social media is a key contributor to the human transformation.
The above outline employs most-to-least organizing approach. This is because the ideas are presented from the most important to the least essential ones. In this topic, the most-to-least approach is more effective than the chronological approach as the information being presented is not related to an event that occurred in a given p…

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