Journal Club/ Research paper discussion/Critical appraisal

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Journal Club/ Research paper discussion/Critical appraisal

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10th January 2018
Article Critique
Different studies have highlighted the importance of early diagnostic screening in preventing the risk of oral cancer. Presently, the measures that are routinely used to screen oral cancer are the conventional oral examination (COE) and scalpel biopsy. However, scalpel biopsy is only performed if there is evidence of suspicious lesions within the oral milieu. On the contrary, various adjunctive techniques are implicated in diagnosing dysplastic changes. This is because dysplastic changes are one of the significant early symptoms of oral cancer. For example, the VELscope (an instrument that uses autofluorescence) can detect metabolic dysfunctions in such dysplastic tissues (Ganga et al. 67-74). The present article criticizes an article that explored the role of VELscope in early screening of oral cancer.
Description and Citation of the Critiqued Article
The authors of he article were Ganga, R, Gundre, D, Bansal, S, Shirsat, P, Prasad, P, and Desai, R. and it was published in 2017. The name of the article is “evaluation of the diagnostic efficacy and spectrum of autofluorescence of benign, dysplastic, and malignant lesions of the oral cavity using VELscope” and it was published in the 75th volume of the journal named Oral Oncology from page numbers 67 to 74.
Critique of the Background and Purpose of the Study
Although conventional oral examination (COE) and …

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