JOURNAL Behavioral or mental issue

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JOURNAL Behavioral or mental issue

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Journal Entry: Pediatric Treatment of Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
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Journal Entry: Pediatric Treatment of Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
This week entails coming up with a journal entry of my reflection dealing with a behavioral issue for a pediatric patient. In my practicum, I dealt with a patient with the Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). The behavioral disorder is mainly associated with infants directed at parents, as well as other authority figures in the life of the child (Cavanagh, Quinn, Duncan, Graham, & Balbuena, 2017). Irritable or angry moods mainly characterize ODD. The infant was diagnosed with ODD mainly because, as the parents explained, she did things purposely to cause conflicts in kindergarten. The behavior was evident at the hospital. Using DSM-V criteria, we determined that the child had ODD as she had an angry and irritable mood, including easily losing temper, being resentful and angry, and easily annoyed by the parents and the medical practitioners (Burke, Loeber, & Birmaher, 2002). Besides, she had argumentative and defiant behavior such as deliberately annoying others. As such, based on the symptoms, she was diagnosed with moderate ODD. The parents were very helpful in helping us diagnose the child. Even though they did not know of the condition, we made sure that we explained in details about the condition.
My “aha” moment was when learned more about the condition. ODD co-…

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