Journal #2:

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Journal #2:

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In this essay, Rowan gives us details of the background of Miss Bessie though he delays to convey it. This fact is because he wants to give out the first impression to the reader about the character of Miss Bessie and how she is a successful high school teacher. The opening paragraphs show how Miss Bessie plays a significant role in the life of the writer and how Miss Bessie changed him. The first paragraphs also enable the reader to have an excellent first impression of Miss Bessie (Rosa & Eschholz 411). Through her background, Miss Bessie’s behavior of drinking may influence negative perception on the reader.
From the onset of his teaching in high school, it seems to appear to be perfect thus the reader will have an inspiration of her and be eager to know about her background. This aspect highlights significant reasons as to why the author delays to give us her background information to cause anxiety. The passion and attitude that Miss Bessie Taylor has made her remarkable to her students. During her career, she has taught hundreds of economically deprived students (Rosa & Eschholz 411). This fact is important because it explains what inspired her actions.
Rowan also delays because he wants the reader to have a deeper understanding of Miss Bessie’s teaching profession and make the reader think she is existing and her character portrays that of the average human being. The dialogue that appears between Row…

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