Journal 13

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Journal 13

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Curiosity is a dominant motivator of the biological-based system; it leads to essential discoveries and exploration of the unknown, it can also be nurtured and developed. Humans have different levels of curiosity, they all have an innate desire to resolve uncertainties even if the outcomes are unpleasant, but the same curiosity can be used to enhance life experiences making them more enjoyable. Therefore, it is essential first to think and consider the consequences of our choices.
Curiosity improves our well-being and adds value to our lives (Kashdan 482). One of the ways I have experienced it pleasantly is through my social relationship. My partner and I have maintained a relationship for a long time without breaking up; this is because both of us are interesting and very responsive. The curiosity makes us incline in ways that lay a foundation for the development of a good relationship. We normally ask questions and take an interest in learning about each other; we keep interactions playful and interesting, leading to a good relationship.
On the other hand, curiosity helps us to find the meaning and sources of life. This purpose can be found in something that set free our fascination and natural curiosity. Normally, being passionate about anything makes you want to know more about it, and the more the curiosity in you; the more you are to note and learn it. When the curiosity range and depth increases, it w…

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