Jordan v. City of New London case

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Jordan v. City of New London case

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Jordan vs. City of New London
Jordan vs. City of New London
The following paper follows the case of Robert Jordan vs. city of New London, where the plaintiff (Jordan) was denied a position as a police officer for scoring high on an intelligence test. Jordan then filed a case contesting the department’s decision CITATION Hug03 l 1033 (Hughes, 2003).
Key facts and issues
In 1996, Robert Jordan appeared for a written screening process, namely the Wonderlic Personnel Test and the Scholastic Level Exam, conducted by the Law Enforcement Council of Southeastern Connecticut, for the position of a police officer. Sometime later, he learned that the city of New London was interviewing candidates, but Jordan’s application had been denied because he did not fit the profile, even though he scored well above the conventional median score of 21 CITATION Rob00 l 1033 (Robert Jordan, Plaintiff Appellant vs. City of New London and Keith Harrigan, Defendants-Appellees, 2000).
Jordan, aged 46, suspected a case of age discrimination, and thus filed a complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. The city of New London, however, revealed that Jordan had not been rejected due to his age, but because of his score of 33 on the WPT. In order to prevent overqualified candidates from getting bored and quitting their jobs without precedence, the departments only interviewed candidates who scored within the median range of scores CITATIO…

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