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Jonathan Swift

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World Cultures II
When faced with impoverishing conditions, it is surprising what people would do to in order to solve the problem at hand. The solutions proposed by the author of this piece are rather unconventional and would be perceived as downright immoral in the eyes of other people. Yet he does not find fault in his solution. Quite the contrary, he finds his solutions to be of sound mind and reasoning and does not put any criticism to his opinion. The following is an analysis of Jonathan Swift’s solution to the impoverishing situation in the early 18th century.
The setting of the author’s views and recommendations is in Ireland in the period of 1729. Ireland is faced with impoverishing conditions. There is a big number of mothers who have children begging. All these children are illegitimate children or even children born in wedlock whose fathers left the family when the children were born owing to their inability to provide for these children (Swift et al 43). Landlords are also up in arms because the tenants can no longer pay rent and evictions happen nearly on a daily basis. Abortions are also on the rise but these abortions tend to increase the death rates of young girls. The author proposes a solution that will bring food and alleviate the situation in which the country is.
The main proposition of the author is explained in this sentence, “ young healthy child well nursed, is one year old, a most delicious nourishing an…

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