Jonathan Glover and Euthanasia.

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Jonathan Glover and Euthanasia.

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Jonathan Glover and Euthanasia.
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Jonathan Glover and Euthanasia.
Jonathan Glover is a current famous philosopher who associates himself with bioethical issues. This American philosopher has conducted a lot of research about euthanasia. According to Glover, there are two principles which determine euthanasia: “It is wrong to reduce the length of a worthwhile life”, and “except in the most extreme circumstances, it is wrong to kill someone who wants to go on living, even if there is reason to think this desire, not in his interests” (Warner, 2018). The principles indicate that even though Glover refutes euthanasia, it reaches a point where he supports it.
Glover states that life has a lot of value and therefore should not be subjected to any event that stands a chance to destroy it. According to this philosopher, when life has been found to be worthless, all means possible should be employed to preserve life. The approaches used to protect this life should not be extraordinary. He argues that when the life of an individual has become worthless, medical practitioners and family should not consider ending this life (Warner, 2018). They should identify ways to make the patient live longer. However, if the patient is suffering from extreme pain and there are no signs of them recovering, they can be killed humanely.
Even though Glover refutes euthanasia, he agrees to it when healthcare has reached its ex…

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