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Journal #5: Music
It is often said that music is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. It goes beyond the biases of any particular language, and in any case, no matter what language is used in the composition of music, it will still penetrate beyond that language’s culture and its native speakers. Simply put, there is no language in music. The music itself is a language; a universal one. It is a prescription that works on any diagnosis, penetrating through the flesh to the bones. The great pianist and world-renowned composer Omar Akram narrates this well and brings out the nature of music.
Akram believes that music is not only a form of entertainment but also an effective tool of communicating and passing down culture, as well as a “great remedy for suffering” (Akram 5). In the same way, music has been a critical part of my life for nearly two decades, and the understanding of how it works has grown clearer over the years. During low moments, music comes in handy. A great philosopher once quoted that when you are sad, you understand the lyrics and when you’re happy you enjoy the music. Music works like a quick fix solution prescribed by a distant physician and works wonders to uplift the downhearted or inject celebratory moods to elated spirits. Music has, for many years, worked in precisely that way for me. With time, I arranged songs according to particular playlists and began updating th…

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