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In John’s case concerning his flirtatious behavior. It is a fact that his contributions have helped in transforming the ABC company and without him, the company might go back to its previous unsuccessful state. For this reason, the employees at all levels of the company might feel intimidated to confront him about his actions. Judging from John’s flirtatious character, he might have gone too far as he has been spotted at social settings with other women despite having a wife; his behavior might result in problems that might affect both him and the ABC company.
Being flirtatious can be confused with sexual harassment. Sexual harassment occurs when a person crosses another person’s sexual boundary, this can either be in the forms of sexual comments, physical touches or references to sex in a conversation (Advokatfirma n.p.). Though no worker has made any complaints, John should be careful about his actions. In the recent past, there has been an increased number of sexual harassment cases some of which might appear as innocent interaction processes for the people accused hence the need to be careful.
It is clear that John’s actions might result in problems in the future. As a member of the Board of Director, one of the best methods to handle this cases is through conducting a friendly one on one talk to inform him about his actions; this might entail talking about the various potential risks and the expected consequences of such act…

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