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Joe Fresh
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Joe Fresh
Part 1
For multinationals operating in the global markets, ethical issues continue to pose challenges. It becomes difficult to determine what is moral and what is not, especially when the company is a foreigner in another country. To decide what is ethical and what is not, both the company and the ethical values of the local companies must be considered. In Japan, for example, natives consider laying workers off an unethical behavior. However, it is a legal procedure for a company to conduct downsizing operations based on the prevailing financial and operational circumstances (Minus, 2013). Therefore, both the company and the local communities determine what is moral and what is not immoral. At times, the company has to familiarize with the socioeconomic norms of the country to align its strategic plans with the local ethical environment.
Part 2
After a company strategy that claimed 1135 lives, Joe Fresh still manufacturers clothes in Bangladesh (Sister, 2014). From an ethical perspective, the company is morally justified to continue with its business operations. The collapsed building might have been due to professional negligence on the part of the company, and it had to take responsibility for the incident. However, manufacturing clothes is not an unethical activity. What the company must do is to ensure that a repeat of such an incident does not occur. As long as the company observes the safety and …

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