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Job Track
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Job Track
The job track I selected, in this case, is the humanities job track. The reason I made this selection is because I feel I have a stronger connection to jobs that require a more humanistic approach. Humanities are jobs that involve plenty of interactions with a lot of people, and I find myself to be a social person hence my selection of the same. The positions in the humanities range were:
Curatorial assistant
Assistant teacher
They are listed from my most favorite to my least favorite. The curatorial assistant drew me in from the first moment I saw. For starters, the job is in Boston which is a place I would very much like to work in. Boston feels like the right place for me. Secondly, the curatorial assistant and assistant teacher are the two jobs with fixed salaries and benefits but, of the two, the curatorial assistant has a higher pay plus benefits. Lastly, the position offers subsidized passes that can even be used in peak season. A bus pass reduces my costs of fuel and the amount of time I might spend stuck in traffic. The tutor came second. What made me pick it over assistant teacher is that a tutor is a freelancer, therefore, to an extent, his boss.
The amount of time and effort I put into it determines the salary I get at the end of the month. And, if I work right, I get a better job with the company. The flexibility it offers is a great convenience for me. The assistant teacher came in …

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