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Job Sculpting

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Job Sculpting
This article reviews the art of Job Sculpting as a means of retaining employees in the company. Normally, senior management personnel usually assume that employees are satisfied with their jobs when they perform (Butler and Waldroop). This is however wrong since as time goes, the same employees who are performers get unhappier and end up leaving the company for “greener pastures.” This job dissatisfaction is owed to the fact that the career that these individuals pursue does not match their deeply embedded life interest. This challenge has led to the concept of Job sculpting which is the art of matching individuals to jobs that match their embedded life interests.
From this article, I have learned that I have been doing it all wrong. First, my motivation towards employment was majored on stability, finances, and prestige as compared to interests. I also adored people who were succeeding exemplary in their workplaces and saw them as examples of people who are happy with their workplaces. I, however, realized that satisfaction is not necessarily linked to success and that I should find out my life interests and pursue careers that will nurture them.
Regarding Human nature, this article has also taught me a lot. First, I have learned that it is in the human nature of managers to assume that the employees who perform well in the workplace are satisfied. It also human nature for employees to feel unsatisfied a…

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