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Job Interview

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Duties of deputy sheriff
The main duty of a deputy sheriff lies in providing law enforcement services in their counties. The services include protecting the county citizens together with their properties while they patrol their neighborhoods. In addition to this, they are also mandated with the tasks of citing careless drivers, arresting lawbreakers while also responding to emergency calls. Furthermore, they serve warrants of arrest as given by the courts (Cornelius 433). Thus, the duties of deputy sheriffs help to keep law and order in their communities by preventing crime from occurring.
Being a deputy
There are many reasons why I want to be a deputy sheriff. However, the main reason the desire to make and leave a lasting impact in my county. There are few careers that offer this kind of opportunity. Nevertheless, there I cannot think of a more rewarding one than being a law enforcement officer. This is mainly because, unlike other jobs, a police officer will spend most of his time serving his community as opposed to sitting behind a computer in an office. Thus, this job offers unlimited interaction with my community on a daily basis.
Preparation for this position
Apart from the valuable basic education I have gotten, I have developed my communication skills and kept my fitness levels high to ensure that I fit effortless into this field. In addition to this, I have also tried to live my life in …

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