Job Analysis and Job Design

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Job Analysis and Job Design

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Jobs and Employees
Institutional Affiliation

What is EEOC and why was it formed?
EEOC (equal employment opportunity commission) is a commission in the United States granted with the responsibility of enforcement of federal laws. These federal laws make it not possible to discriminate against any applicant to a job or any employee either because of their color, religion, race, sex, nationality, genetic information, disability or even age.
EEOC was formed 1964 through an act of civil rights. The act was a bill which addressed not only employment discrimination but also other discrimination forms like voting, education and public accommodations (Colvin, 2016).
What power does EEOC have over organizations?
The role of EEOC in any investigation is to assess the charges and allegations accurately and fairly and then make a finding. If they discover any form of discrimination, they try to settle the charge.
EEOC provides guidance and leadership to federal agencies on each and every aspect of the program by the federal government on equal opportunities of employment. They provide technical guidance to federal institutions on issues concerning EEOC complains (Colvin, 2016).
What are the uniform guidelines on employee selection procedures (UGESP) and why are they important?
UGESP are guidelines set to establish uniformity of standards for all employees in their selection. These uniform standards in selection and procedures are used in adversely addressin…

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