Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War
Andrea Lozano
HIS 101 Pima Community College
Kevin Pearl
April 23, 2015
In this paper, we aim to assess the influence of Joan of Arc in the outcome of the “Hundred Years War”. In this case, we intend to give an extensive historical background on the Hundred Years War; and a long biographical note of Joan, and her involvement in the war. Also, we intend to show the political, and religious influences that the “Maid of Orleans” have had in the events of the war. However, before starting the subject in hand, is important to give a brief background on the events regarding the Hundred Years War, so the reader is able to understand the importance of this event, and the role that eventually Joan of Arc played in it. The Hundred Years War is a broad subject, but it shall be treated rigorously, in order to avoid confusions and historical misunderstandings.
Thesis Statement: The role that Joan of Arc played in the Hundred Years War.
Historical Background
The Hundred Years War
In 1066, England was conquered by a French fief, specifically by William, duke of Normandy –who would be later called “The Conqueror”. William was promised the kingdom by Edward “The confessor” The English king, who was childless. But it was not granted to him, but to Harold Godwinson, who was a powerful ear of Anglo-Saxon blood. The reasons that led William to invade England are clear, nonetheless, Harold disputed William’s claims, as Edward allegedl…

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