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Jaynes Sandwich Shop

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Small Business Growth
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Small Business Growth
Small businesses are the type of businesses that are characterised by the small number of employees, few management personnel, a small number of customer that translate into average sales and average profits. These types of business serve clients who are located in the short geographic area from the production point. In the case of Jayne’s Sandwich Stop, the business can be termed as a small business. This is because it satisfies all the characteristics of a small business. The business is managed and owned privately by Jayne. The business has six part-time employees, and it’s location of service is limited to only the town center. The business has got few assets that include the trailers used in the concession. Another characteristic of small business exhibited by Jayne’s Sandwich Stop is the method used for advertisement. The business relies on the word-of-mouth advertisement.

Small Business Growth Strategy
Jayne’s Sandwich Stop has recorded significant growth, and it is in the transition period. The business is expanding, and according to the information given, the business is moving its location to a permanent location in a mall. During the transition period, there must be a strategy to facilitate and enhance the growth of the business. Growing a business from a small business into a big business is never easy, and it requires a lot of planning and proper strategizing. The manageme…

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