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jargon of negotiations

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Jargon of Negotiations. My role in the Elmwood negotiations was an arbitrator. As an arbitrator, I dedicated myself to help parties in conflict at the Elmwood hospital. However, before knowing which path is the best to take during this conflict resolution process, I had to consider some factors. For instance, I had to find out what was the main course of the conflict before looking for the possible solutions that can help indicate the differences among the fighting parties (Wolfe, Rebecca, and Kathleen 7). Besides, as an arbitrator, I had to remind myself that I should not take any side, I should not give biased judgmental since doing so will only escalate the conflict. Therefore, to play the right role as an arbitrator and help Elmwood end its conflicts, the following sources of power were vital.
The first source of power I utilized in my quest as an arbitrator to settle the differences between people was information. For example, I had to look for facts, relevant data, evidence and various viewpoints on the conflict that existed in this hospital (Rao, slide 11). The second source of power I deployed in this Elmwood negotiation was the expert power. My ability to correctly interpret facts and make them persuasive greatly helped me in finding solutions to the challenges during the negotiations. Subsequently, I used the above two sources of power in the following ways. Foremost, I used the information power to persuade the relevant parties involved to accept the certain view, …

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