James Joyce The Dead

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James Joyce The Dead

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James Joyce’s “The Dead”
The Irish author was born, James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, in 1882. James Joyce was rendered one of the greatest writers during his time (Greenblatt 2276). Before his demise in 1941, he published his last short story in the Dubliners compilation. It is necessary to note that the stories revolved around the Irish and their social classes. The last story was entitled, “The Dead” which was the longest of the fourteen other stories (Greenblatt 2276). This paper will critically examine and analyze James Joyce’s “The Dead”.
“The Dead” is a story that revolves around ten characters. The story begins when Professor Gabriel Conroy, the protagonist of the story, attends Kate and Julia Morkan’s Christmas party. The two women are his aunts. However, Gabriel and his wife, Gretta, get there late. When Lily, the housekeeper, is removing his coat, Gabriel inquires her about her intimate life. The question disturbs her thus she does not willingly answer him. Gabriel notices the awkward moment thus he subtly ends the conversation (Joyce 127). He approaches his wife and begins a conversation concerning where they would sleep that night. Immediately, Freddy Malins arrives at the party, and all the attention is shifted toward him. Freddy is an alcoholic hence Gabriel has to take care of his friend. In fact, he is already drunk when he arrives at the party (Greenblatt 2282).
Later, Gabriel…

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