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Subcategory: Criminal Justice

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What is the problem/issue addressed in the paper? In other words, what does the author cite as the purpose of the study or what is the author trying to find out?
The paper address juvenile crime in relation to age, transport availability, geographical understanding, and the level of commitment, which hinder their operations. The author also tries to establish the relationship between parental commitment and juvenile development.
Summarize the author’s review of the related literature.
Daily activities carried out by juveniles enhance the cognitive ability of their environment and assist in developing crime maps. By performing repetitive activities, the knowledge of the surrounding environment improves and so does their ability to identify easy target spots. Understanding their environment help in marking out zones with high probability to commit crime effectively. The distance traveled depend on the readiness of criminal opportunities. High crime activities revolve around a juvenile’s home and the school they attend. The home area represents the spot where a high concentration of crime takes place owing to the knowledge of the environment. The distance traveled to commit crime increases with increasing age and is dependent on gender where female juveniles travel longer distances. The quantity of loot reward depends on the possession of driving skills and a broader understanding of a wider geographical area.
What is t…

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