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Its a critic paper

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Critic paper
The video that has been presented talks about the benefits of laughter to an individual. This paper seeks to have a comprehensive review of the presentation of the video and give a critique of factors such as the nonverbal cues, the appearance of the individual, the facial expression the presenter used, the body position, body language and eye contact used as well as the gestures.
To begin with, it is correct to say that the presenter did have reduced the use of nonverbal cues. To be precise, he did not use any, and it is necessary that he employed nonverbal cues to help in the enhancement of the effectiveness of the presentation.
The second issue is the appearance. The presenter was dressed casually, and this may be okay for the presentation. However, to ensure that he looked neat as required for someone performing, then he should have settled for proper dressing code.
The appearance of the individual doing the presentation was excellent. He had his hair combed, and he looked neat generally. With regards to facial expressions, the presenter was okay, he laughed when there was a need to and got serious as well when there was the need to.
The body position and the body language of the presenter can equally be discussed together. To begin with, it is important to note the fact that properly used the stage. As for the body language, he moved his body appropriately under the presentation he was making. This presentation…

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