Italian Renaissance revised

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Italian Renaissance revised

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Italian Renaissance
The European countries were among the first nations to experience civilization and modernity. This was due to various issues that supported this agenda. Cultural change was one of these factors that made them experience these changes. The people’s culture is one of the most important elements in their lives. For instance, colonization of African countries led to change of much of African culture in a bid to embrace civilization. In their book titled, The West Encounters and Transformation, Brian, Edward, and Meredith give a good account of how the European countries encountered these change. Particularly they mention the Italian Renaissance during the fifteenth century.
The Italian Renaissance also identified as the rebirth was a period in Italy when one of the greatest cultural changes was recorded. In addition, many achievements in many forms of people’s lives were experienced. The period lasted from the 14th Century until the seventeenth century. This period was recorded after the black death of 1348, a period when some parts of Europe experienced economic strife. The rebirth began in the city of Florence, which was among the largest and most prosperous cities in Europe. The city was a hub for banking and commerce. The renaissance later spread to other areas in Italy such as Venice.
The Italian rebirth has been credited for promoting some of the most impressive transformations in Italy due to the …

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