it301 project management unit8 assignment

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it301 project management unit8 assignment

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Project Management

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Project Management
DefinitionQuality refers to effective leadership and management in an organization.According to Juran, he defines quality as the planning, managing and setting targets for improvement.According Crosby, quality can be defined as conformity to certain given set standards by the organization when carrying out a certain project Conformance
SystemOrganizations should seek to improve constantly and always their systems utilize in production and service. These will enable the organization to improve quality and productivity and hence to reduce the cost of productionOrganizations should come up with processes that are best in producing a productOrganizations should adopt the best systems for achieving quality through prevention rather than using appraisal.PreventionPerformance
StandardOrganizations should stop the use of inspections to achieve production of quality products and instead get rid of the need for quality checks on a mass basis. Quality standards can be achieved by incorporating quality into the product before production starts, and end products will be free from any defects.Organizations should be able to prove that the selected production process can produce best products under operating conditions with no defects.The performance standards of organizations should be strictly zero defects.Zero defectsQuality
Measure …

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