Issue of overpopulation

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Issue of overpopulation

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Issue of Overpopulation
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Issue of Overpopulation
Every ecological niche has a carrying capacity meant to hold a certain size of a population. When a populace of a certain species exceeds what a niche can hold, then overpopulation occurs. This concept is determined based on the important resources that an individual requires to survive, compared to their number. Such an effect may be caused by an exhaustion of resources, increase in immigration, and increase and decrease of births and mortality rates respectively. Human beings and animals (both wild and domestic) can be found overpopulated in an area over a certain period. The current estimated capacity that the earth can hold, with all conditions factored in, is 4-16 billion, with an expectation of it rising to 8-10.5 billion over the years 2040-2050. Such an increase rate in the human population is a cause to raise concerns because it would mean that the planet may be unable to sustain all of its inhabitants. Some countries, though, have come up with strategies for birth control and other measures that will help address the overpopulation menace in the future. This paper shall focus on theories and opinions on the overpopulation issue, as well as my thoughts and critics on the issue.
Theories and opinion on the overpopulation issue
According to Wallace, overpopulation is not an issue. He argues that population is decreasing despite the fact that the reproductive power of…

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