Israel’s Health Care System

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Israel’s Health Care System

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Israel’s Health Care System
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Israel’s Health Care System
Health care is a fundamental right in Israel. When Israel was a part of Ottaman Empire in the 19th century, diseases like malaria, diarrhea, and typhus were quite common. The major providers of health care at that time were clinics established by European Jews. These clinics later became the birth places of major hospitals. The transformation of Israel from its poor health status to a nation with universal access to health care is an interesting story.
Once the British mandate for Palestine was implemented, various health measures like safe disposal of waste, anti-mosquito measures and vaccination against smallpox were institute. One of the major health insurance group Kupat Holim Clalit was established in 1911 by 150 immigrant workers. After Israel achieved independent nationhood in 1948, this concept was expanded to include more people. The Israeli government focused its efforts on socialized health care. In 1988, on the basis of the recommendations of Natanyahu commission the National Health Insurance law was enacted on January 1, 1995. This law is the basis of uniform access to health care via four companies (Cohen, 2012).
The approach followed by the Israel government has yielded positive results, and Israel ranks high in almost all health quality indicators. It’s infant mortality rate of 3.98 deaths/ 1000 population is among the lowest in the world. The Life expect…

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