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Islamophobia has grown to be an important concept in contemporary times. Despite the wide acclaim that the concept has generated in the last few years, little effort has been made to provide a sound definition that may permit methodical relational and fundamental analysis. The term was originally coined during the late 1990s by the scholarly community as well as political activists who were drawn by the dangerous rhetoric that were directed at people who profess the Islamic faith and Islam, who live in liberal democracies in Western nations. In as much as Islamophobia can be perceived within the political realms, it has grown to be used for analytical objects. In research, it has been used to in determination of its origins, place, magnitude, proportions, consequences, and caused of anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic perspectives. However, Islamophobia does not have a single widely accepted definition.
Hence, it can be very challenging comparing levels of Islamophobia over time, social group, location or even echelons of comparable types, for instance, xenophobia, racism or even anti-Semitism. Without a term that affects across such analogous proportions, it is more nearly difficult to select the reasons and implications of the concept with any accuracy. This paper examines Islamophobia within the realms of diversity perspective, and a usable concept that demands further analysis. It uses theories that ar…

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