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How Dumb is the Generation under 30?
The popular name for individuals belonging to people the under 30 is the generation of millennials. The extent to which this young generation is dumb is also shown by how heavily they rely on digital technology. The heavy reliance on digital technology has turned a significant segment of the millennials into technology addicts. Many people aged under the 30s have reported to feeling depressed or stressed up when they cannot access their devices such as smartphones, their personal computers, and even gaming consoles. As a result of the increased popularity and the ease at which the digital technology can be accessed, many millennials feel like computers and smartphones are more of a necessity as opposed to being a privilege. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have also become very popular, thanks to the increased availability of digital technologies and the internet. A huge portion of users of these platforms are young individuals aged below thirty years and below. Most of these young individuals spend a considerable amount of their time on these sites. As such, many young individuals end up wasting their precious time on social media sites instead of putting the same time into other activities that are more rewarding.
The fact that the generation under 30 years has been made dumb by the latest digital technologies is also shown by their preference to engage with…

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