Is the death penalty moral/essential? Should it be legal?

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Is the death penalty moral/essential? Should it be legal?

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Is the death penalty moral or essential? Should it be legal?
The death penalty has been a subject of great scholarly debate, stretching back to the ancient periods of the sophists until the contemporary modernists period, and the answer to whether the death penalty is morally essential has developed in various ways among different moral and legal schools of thought. Moralists and legal thinkers have disputed the nature and legitimacy of the death penalty for a long time. Thinkers have proved incongruent when rationalizing the manner in which punishment should be justified in light of the conventional Accord, and this often renders a discussion pitting those who support retribution and those who support Utilitarianism (George 165).
Utilitarianists justify punishment through every repercussion, and the moral object of any action is analyzed through the impact upon the balance of harm versus benefit in the social utility. On the contrary, those who espouse retribution allocate the infliction of punishment as dependent to what the individual who has committed the offense deserves, and they assert that a justified punishment is anchored on waste rather than a potential social utility that results from the punishment. In spite of the difference in arguments, retributive and utilitarian arguments have been developed for supporting the death penalty, a contentious subject from the ancient of times. This pap…

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