Is the Death Penalty Effective?

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Is the Death Penalty Effective?

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Is the Death Penalty Effective?
The use of the death penalty as a way of punishing murder crimes and robbery with violence is one of the issues that have become controversial in the morality and the sanity of the society today. Most social works, religious leaders and the civil organizations have strongly condemned the law that advocates for m death penalties (Simon, 115). The justification is based on the ideology that its God the giver of life and punishing death by death is ungodly. This discussion, therefore, focuses on the effectiveness of the death penalty.
One of the view that most people believe is that the punishment by the death penalty is not sufficient since a mistake made during the hearing cannot be reversed as more information are getting about the case. Some individuals have always been sent to the death penalty even though they did not commit the crime (Hood, and Carolyn, 10). In most cases, the truth reveals itself after the execution of the death punishment. Instead of having life imprisonment serves the best alternative for the death penalty, in this case, the criminal has the opportunity to bear the pain of the crime for the whole of his life while in prison.
In conclusion, considering the negative implication of the death penalty, it is true that it is a bad form of punishment and it does not hold to the morality of most religions in the world (Kirchmeier, 5). It is also a simple form of punishment since the c…

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