Is racism Still around

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Is racism Still around

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16 May 2015
Is Racism Still Around
Racism simply signifies discrimination on the basis of colours, religion, gender, community, region and even field of education or profession. It is mostly grounded on superficial assumption. Race means a human community is having specific culture, language and behavioural pattern. But, racism is a construction by the dominant group in the society. By the mean of racism, people prefer to exhibit their superiority, and it is a curse to the society. From the time of the creation of human, racism came to existence in this world and still is a concerning issue. Due to racism, a fair amount of world population is continuously getting exploited. According to Gibbons (603-4), racism is a fearsome malignant tumour to the society that only kills human morality with cancer. However, many major issues and factors are responsible for the evil practice of racism. Colonialism utilized racism as a lethal weapon to dominate over huge mass by fracturing the analytical faculty of human mind (Ikuenobe 164).
Racism is indeed still going still around, and the only difference is it changes its facade according to time. On today’s date, people more tend to blame the entire community if anyone among them commits any grave crime. For example, after the incident of 9/11 and other consecutive terrorist attacks, Muslims becomes the subject of general suspicion. However, the background of racism is stron…

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