Is America Becomming Totalitarian?

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Is America Becomming Totalitarian?

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Is American Becoming Totalitarian?
The move taken by Donald to open a US embassy in Jerusalem has incited a lot of discussion on whether he is driving USA totalitarian regime. The rule of Donald trump exhibited some characteristics that are related to totalitarian rule .the following are some of the recent advances that have portrayed Donald Trump as a totalitarian leader.
Totalitarian regime controls the truth. Donald Trump has intimidated the media. The president has always attacked the media and referred to them as the “the opposition party.” The war on the freedom of the press has been advanced to some organizations such as New York Times and Amazon Washington Post. The main aim behind the attack the media is to conceal the truth on the matters that pertain to leadership. Totalitarian leaders hold on the belief that they are the only one who knows the truth. Donald Trump insisted that Barrack Obama is not an American .the idea was one of the means of perverting the truth in the state. The move by the president to, conceal the truth, control the media and attack on journalist confirms that America is gradually adopting the totalitarian type of government (Gray 34).
According to (Gray 38), Totalitarian regime emphasizes on “us vs. them” mentality. The slogan of Trump of “making America great again” has led to the massive deportation of immigrants. The black protestors have been suppressed. Muslim …

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