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This lab report gives an introductory rundown on marine life and the interaction with the ecosystem and other factors determining their distribution within their environment.
Question one
Subtidal Zone also is known as sub-littoral is the zone immediately underneath the low tide lines which comprises of the underwater coastal life area. According to Eleftheriou and Holme (187), this zone constitutes the part of with significant impact of waves and currents, and as such, the organisms have anatomical adaptions to aid their survival and cope up with the dynamics of this environment such as clinging on hard substrates. These organisms include Sponges, Sea Stars, Sand dollars and marine snails. Pelagic Zone refers to the vast area that spreads across the entire top of the sea bottom, where pelagic fish and marine mammals maneuver freely. It includes the neritic zone which is less than 200m deep as well as the oceanic region which on the other hand is more than 200m deep. Epipelagic zone refers to is the uppermost layer of the oceanic region, which covers approximately 150m regarding depth, and is capable of supporting photosynthesis and almost all primary productions of an ocean since there is sufficient sunlight penetration, lying just above the mesopelagic zone. Animals within the precincts of this ecosystem include jellyfish, Planktons, Dolphins among others. This ecosystem has a higher concentration of plants and animals (Ste…

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