Into the Wood Critique

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Into the Wood Critique

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Critique of the Play “Into the Woods”
The Brothers Grimm wrote fairy tales which gained popularity for many years. Children and adults alike held the fairy tales close to their hearts, because of the life’s teachings they exhibited and the entertainment they gave. Fast forward into the years, and the play, “Into the Woods”, directed by James Lapine and written by Stephen came into the picture as a modern version of the fairy tales that already existed. The play gives a modern twist on the tales that give the original characters an opportunity to come together and form one story. The common names of Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jack, and the Beanstalk are put together to form the play “Into the Woods”, where the old plots are twisted to create a modernized one, complete with a moral story attached to it. This paper will provide a critical analysis of the play, give the intention of both authors and eventually provide a personal opinion of the text.
The story, similar to the original versions is about a family that wishes for things they cannot have, and work towards acquiring them when they realize that the witch has cursed them. The Baker and his wife would like a child, but the curse is the stumbling block. However, the witch is willing to lift the curse if they bring multiple things for her. The authors create a visual adventure that is both enticing and sad, right from the twists in the woods in …

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