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Interview questions

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Substance Abuse Social Worker Questions
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Social workers are key individuals in every community whose work is to work through the complexities of the people and their lives. Substance abuse is one of the major areas in which social workers are most involved in our communities (Galvani, 2015).
Below are 15 interview questions for a social worker on substance use:
Would you kindly explain what substance abuse encompasses?
What would you term as the key philosophy towards substance use?
What are the most abused substances in your area of operation?
Explain the systematic process of identifying substance users and how to get them to get assistance from social workers?
Can you describe substance use as rampant or rare in your area of operation? Why do you think this is the case?
As a social worker, what sensitization actions would you recommend to prevent or manage substance abuse?
In your opinion, is substance abuse a result of other problem the users may be undergoing? If so, what kind of problems can these be?
Are there special skills required to handle substance use cases?
How can one identify a qualified substance social worker use?
What advice would you give to families, friends and relatives, who are dealing with a substance abuser?
Are there any proactive measures that can be taken towards prevention of substance abuse?
Who bears the major role or obligation towards preventing…

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