Interview a business owner or manager

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Interview a business owner or manager

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An Interview with My Uncle (A Manager)
A manager refers to a person responsible for a firm’s or a project’s supervision and administration (Reh 1). In this interview, I decided to interrogate my uncle who is the manager of Star Restaurant. The restaurant has been in operation for the past five years, and it offers a variety of foods, especially local foods and accommodation and entertainment facilities. In the interview, the first question I asked my uncle was why he had decided to run that kind of business. In response, he told me that since he was a young boy, he had a dream of working in the hospitality industry; therefore, starting a restaurant was his dream job. Also, he stated that he began the business to help him earn a living. The second question I posed to him was the experiences, skills or education that had prepared him for the job. He told me that he had a degree in hospitality and had managed his father’s restaurant while still a youth and so he had the basic management skills.
I then asked him about the methods of business advertisements that had been the most effective for him. He stated categorically that since he was operating in the hospitality industry, social media and word of mouth were the most effective means. Next, I asked him about his philosophy of customer service. In response, he said, “customer first.” I then asked him about how he motivated his employees. He answered that he always allowed his employees flexible wo…

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