Intertextuality & evolution of cultural themes in society

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Intertextuality & evolution of cultural themes in society

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Intertextuality and evolution of cultural themes in society
The first media text that highlights the concept of intertextuality is the movie clip Chicago. In this clip, a narrative is displayed by several celebrities about the significance of their lifestyle of fame (Paulo min 02:03). An example is outlined through a song by Roxie who is overwhelmed by the fact that by being a celebrity her name will be known all over the world. Moreover, she is excited at the thought of her face featuring on the media coverage globally.

The second media with an outstanding theme of intertextuality is the Saturday Night Live show on CNN. On this particular session, there is a discussion with Kellyanne Conway regarding the Trump’s presidency. Conway was initially the campaign manager for Donald Trump but is currently the White House counselor. Conway gets pride from being an essential part of the presidential team (min 01:09). She is delighted to have been selected into the position because it was the leeway for her coming to the limelight. She displays the aspect of celebrities emanating from political platforms.

Source: of Cultural Themes
The use of intertextuality in the two clips above depicts how cultural themes in the society have evolved. For instance, the first clip shows that showbiz is a good opening for those who yearn for celebrit…

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