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international management article review

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International Management
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The article titled “The fastest-growing and shrinking economies in 2018” address the issue of economic growth for both the best performing economies and poor performing economies. The health of any economy is measured on basis of how that economy is growing or shrinking. The indicators of economic growth in any economy are often the increase or shrinking of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. GDP of any economy is what reflects the output value of the country. The GDP of a given country reflects the total monetary value of all services and goods produced by that country in a given span of time. The growth and shrinking of economies addressed by the article are from when the global economy successfully rebounded from the great recession of 2008. After the great recession, the global economy has maintained a constant moderate growth. A considerable amount of literature and statistics presented in this article is based on projected figures and percentages (“fastest-growing and shrinking economies in 2018,” 2018). This implies that they are somewhat hypothetical and therefore some projection in terms of growth in percentage may not be realized while others may be realized and even be surpassed. Projection of economic growth and shrinking is important for international business management as it helps in identification of emerging economies. And therefore, international business that wo…

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