Intermodal Transportation

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Intermodal Transportation

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Government Involvement in Intermodal Transportation

Government Involvement in Intermodal Transportation
Intermodal transportation is important as it lowers transportation costs of a country. Using rail and trucks will save on the cost of fuel. Additionally, intermodal transportation is environmentally friendly since there are fewer carbon emissions. The government intervention to regulates the number of hours’ trucks should be on the load lead to the shift to intermodal transportation (Yevdokimov, 2000). Americans spend more money on transportation than on other activities such as clothing and recreation. Freight transportation impacts the US economy. Therefore, the government should be the drivers for innovation in the intermodal transportation. This is to avoid the limit of delivering these innovations which have been there in a free market economy. Thus, I concur with the author.
The government has been involved in the development of nuclear power. Their involvement in the nuclear power reduced the cost of capital than that of the private investors and developers. Additionally, government regulations limit the number of nuclear plants opened in America. This is to prevent private investors from exhausting all the nuclear resources and displacing more people (National Economic Council, 2011). Likewise, in intermodal transportation, the government involvement will eliminate the obstacles and create favorable conditions for movement of goods. The g…

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