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A fraction is defined as a part of a whole. It is written in the form ab where a is said to be the numerator and b the denominator. The numerator represents the equal parts of a whole while the denominator represents the total equal parts of the whole represented as shown in the figure below (“Fractions learning in children with mathematics difficulties.” Tian et al. 614- 620).

The shaded part represents the numerator and the un-shaded part the denominator. The a and the b should always be greater than zero for a fraction to be defined.
Mathematics as a subject involves working with numbers which are either whole numbers or fractions.
In reference to Q20, this involves reasoning and proofing under number series and operations. The learner requires the division operation to solve it.
For Q24, it involves problem-solving under measurement. The learner should have the
knowledge of multiplication and addition to be able to calculate the perimeter.
For the question on the number line, this is under number series and operations and involves presentation. The learner here requires an understanding of fractions, i.e., what each segment represents.
Fractions can be converted from one form to another i. e. improper to proper or improper to a mixed fraction.
For operations invo…

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