Integrating Global and Local Procurement For Superior Supplier

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Integrating Global and Local Procurement For Superior Supplier

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Lecture, reading/chapter/novel/article during class, power point, movies (if need to collect info.)
Topic: Payment Schemes for a two-level consignment stock supply chain system

Essential Question: How can a global firm make utility of globally integrated procurement organization in achieving local and global responsiveness and superior supplier relations?

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Effects of globalization on company structure and strategiesGlobalization is increasingly creating a competitive environment which reduces the lead times for innovation and production which also requires global firms to efficiently manage their resources.
Difficulties in realization of success in globalization Globalization is challenging and not easy to realize its fruits as requirements include the process integration, practices, processes, and procedures across the global organizations in the achievement of the coordination of the global activities.
Procurement is key in the integration and coordination activities of the global manufacturing activities Global manufacturing activities require integration and coordination to benefit from the uniform sourcing towards the creation of a rational and global organization.
Global sourcing enables firms to achieve competencies Through global sourcing, firms can combine their competencies with those of the suppliers coupled with the firm’s comparative advantages due to the various location…

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