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Property Claim Investigation
Institutional Affiliation
Property claim is a legal demand for compensation on damages of properties. Several reasons can make one investigator this type of claim. One of the obvious reasons is to determine the level of integrity in making the claim. When the property claim is specifically arson, there are a lot of integrity issues that may come along. It is, therefore, important for the investigator to rule out any foul play before giving an insurance clearance for the claim. It is also essential for the investigator to determine the extent of damage to estimate the amount of claim.
The best way of investigating property claim would be through an interview or a questionnaire. In this case, the investigator will go beyond questioning the insured by further questioning any relevant person that can provide substantial evidence on the same (Nemeth, 2010). The investigator will have to factor in important things such as the time of the incidence, the number of items saved or not damaged and those that are damaged. Important document such as property control receipts and report of losses can be used in tabling the results of the information that is obtained.
While investigating the claim, an investigator will likely to face the challenge of fraud. Insurance claims are normally marred by falsification of information and evidence in order to win the claim. There are several measures that can be taken to address the challenge….

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