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Analyzing Hiscox website Ordering Process
Analysis of Hiscox checkout process.
Advancement of technology has affected all sectors in the economy including the insurance industry. Insurance products are now available online. Taking sales of insurance products online has improved the proportion of the population that is covered by an insurance policy, and at the same time has exposed the insurance industry to challenges that usually affect the e-commerce industry. The process of placing an order is a crucial issue in online business like Hiscox.
Hiscox website process of placing an order is well thought, starting from design to functionality. The app design puts end-user consideration (kibria et al, 2017). First, the checkout process is mobile responsive, and this ensures that even mobile users get a smooth purchasing experience. Secondly, the process indicator indicates the position user is in when buying insurance. This progress indicator helps a customer to know the progress in the checkout process. Then the app also does not require an individual to be logged in to purchase an insurance product (Anjos & Gontijo, 2017). This feature ensures that a guest can buy without having to go through the process of registration only to access the app once.
Though the procedure in the app is design to give the user a pleasant experience the process has some negative aspect. First there many details that to fill in the process of checking out, Hiscox should d…

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