Institutional Working Culture

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Institutional Working Culture

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Institutional Working Culture
Institutional Working Culture
The organizational structure of the institution relies on competent management with experienced leaders and employees. It is reliable and provides an environment where students and nursing professionals develop their skills and competency in diverse areas of the nursing field. The organizational structure targets to promote ethical leadership and management. It is one of the best structures providing equal opportunity to all employees to participate in corporate activities with the company.
The organizational mission aligns with the goals that the company is working to achieve in providing quality education. It delivers quality education that is relevant to the current challenges across the healthcare sector (Kautz, 2013). As a result, both students and employees work toward specific goals of establishing a reliable environment for learning and enhancing nursing skills across all levels and organizations. The philosophy of the institution works to the missions and perspective toward achieving the right skills and delivering the required knowledge to the students. The institution has created a positive working culture by incorporating all these factors with the aim of learning and exploring new ideas that facilities innovation and enhancing the quality of life in -providing nursing across the healthcare services.
The institution has focused on continuing programs in the nursing field with t…

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