Installation of CCTV Cameras

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Installation of CCTV Cameras

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The installation of CCTV systems enhances the security of an organization. However, the installation process is faced with several challenges. One, finances are required to install the systems. The purchase of CCTV cameras and other applications is expensive. Additionally, the people who have the duty to install the systems need to be paid, and thus they consume a lot of money. Also, the system comprises several storage tapes that could keep the information for future reference (VIEWTECH SECURITY). Secondly, the CCTV systems require monitoring officers who should be there to check the screens that show the videos from different areas of the organization. Thus, the individual in this department is affected by fatigue, and hence they may fail to observe a particular occurrence in the firm. Thirdly, the videos that are recorded in the CCTV are of low resolution. Some of the images recorded may not be clear for the observer to come up with a precise conclusion. Fourthly, the CCTV cameras may not record the sounds that could be accompanied by the recordings. For instance, some of the unethical practices may happen through talking, and hence the CCTV cameras may fail to enhance the security of the firm’s properties.

Organizations can advertise the presence of CCTV cameras through various methods. One, the management can fix posters that can notify the people who visit the area that there are CCTVs at the premises. For example, the walls of the rooms at the firm’s premises can …

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